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The medicine turned soft drink!

Friday, 07 November 2014 by

Remember the ‘open happiness’ campaign? Who does not! It is Coca-Cola! Open the lid and happiness bubbles out.  This bottled happiness is shared around the world for 125 years.   Throughout the years the coco-cola trademark had interesting changes in its logo. From simple black colored curves in 1887 to added swirly script in 1890’s, there are many!. The trade mark sign in the tail tweaked in 1940’s.  The fishtail plate in 1960’s changed to the famous white wave and later into a name in 1969. During 2003, the added extra waves and the bubbles were found in the logo.  Back again to the retro classic standard look in 2007 and finally to the happiness bottle in 2011. Coca-Cola has been welcoming with different perspective logos being truthful to its original taste and also making numerous contemporary tastes thought the years. But what is this medicine Vs soft drink story?

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