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Friday, 16 October 2015 by

      How do I start this note of thanks? Hi, Hello or Howdy …however you like     A little less than a year ago we have started this blog.. our subject was fixed at first sight.. thought of sharing with you what we know and what we do; BRANDS.. Did research too to enhance

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Do you think the history has any indication towards our future? However, history ought to have a detailed knowledge on our roots. Curiousness like when, why, what, who and which have been the most frequent sparks in the human mind. Then comes the search for answers. If you ever had any such questions seeking answers, you

While the scorching sun pass over its feelers and when the sweat droplets slide down the forehead, people say “oh it’s hot”. What comes on mind that time? An awesome chilled drink just enough to beat the heat? For many, it’s ‘Pepsi’. Pepsi is one of the oldest, well-known brands across it’s product-line over the

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