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Nike: Foot for thought!

Friday, 30 January 2015 by

  The whole month of January was so easy on me until when my mom found out that I have gained 5 Kgs. To inspire me run, jog and play basket ball in the just-cleaned backyard, she did everything she could. Well, mothers always know which action can cause a reaction! A big huge gift

    With the huge shopping bags, calories burnt wandering in the mall, I sat down in the McDonald’s store. Every bite of the French fries is like ‘playing touch me not with heaven’. The mustard paste from the burger dripped down.. but at this point, who cares! Now, I started thinking about this gigantic

  “Many years ago, I had got a Levi’s blue shaded jeans. Now, I grew a strand of white hair and still that jeans fits me healthy”; many of you might say this at some point of life. The brand “Levi’s” has grown beyond 100 years and is still offering young, fashionable and versatile range

  KFC is definitely finger lickin’ good stuff for the foodies. This can be asserted by the number of KFC outlets around the globe. The chicken has been in food fashion since 1930. Let’s clock back the time to know more about the story behind the KFC logo. No wonder if you didn’t know who the

                    Across the globe, for mothers, ‘Johnson & Johnson’ is the second most recognized ‘word’ after ‘baby’.  And, wide-spread Johnson & Johnson logo is a design influenced from someone’s signature.  He is James Wood Johnson, one of the founders of the famously known ‘Johnson & Johnson’.

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